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Start Crowdfunding in just 3 minutes 

The easiest way of Crowdfunding with us in just a few steps.Get approvals instantly on your fundraisers to start raising Funds.This service for International Fundraisers and Donors..World's most Largest Genuine online Crowdfunding platform....

Manage Tools Ease

Easy to manage tools to get real-results.A dedicated Dashboard, Bookings and web-page at your fingertips will assist you with donation insights, help control visits and more, to give you the best results for your fundraiser

Receive donations/payments via all popular payment modes

We support all payment modes.... Net banking,Wallets, PayPal,Rayunow,Razorpay,Googlepay and all Credit and Debit Cards to let you receive funds from everyone and anywhere from all over the world.....


Click on START A FUNDRAISER button or SIGN UP button then fill and send the Membership Application Form(MAF)


Whenever you  sent the MAF Details, our team members verify that and given to a Member Identification Number(MIN)  sent to your e-mail address...Login to your account select a campaign first then give Fundraiser details like complete campaign description along with phone number,address and bank details (the raised amount will be sent to the Fundraiser account directly)


When the Processing done by email sent to you a Success Submission Form(SSF).Next we will publish it into our website. A complete Dedicated Dashboard and  web page has been given to you (Eg: go to BROWSE FUNDRAISERS page and click on the image of your fundraiser then you will directly go to a separate web page) we will publish the best Campaign for you.


The complete process of a Fundraiser is maximum 45 Days only..we will pay the funding amount to you on second week..,whenever the Donating or Campaign time completed..,the existed Fundraiser will be Permanently removed by us from our website but the Fundraiser data stored in our Server .,our payment methods accepted internationally..,

UNIcrowd is  the quickest and  easiest way to gather a large amount of money through donations from supporters/contributors which includes your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and potential well-wishers and others and Latent Donors...,


This is the awesome service never before see,I've Fundraise in unicrowd,i received my raised amount..,i'm happy about this service

Julia Vincent

I am glad to congratulate the unicrowd team for supporting me.i have given a fundraiser in this...for my new project...just i received my amount from this service...thanks a lot...


I'm here to say that my wife is safe now ,because of unicrowd saved my loved wife..who is suffering from heart problem..,thanks team unicrowd...





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Small Businesses&Companies

The World's only one genuine Crowdfunding service the only number one serving the lowest commission


Donations towards some fundraisers are not eligible for any tax deduction such as 80G, 501(c),502(c).503(c).. etc.

Give a genuine and right Information/Fundraising about the Fundraiser. Don't give any type of wrong or illegal Information.If a person given the wrong/illegal/fraud Fundraising/Information the UNIcrowd and Nickel International would not responsible of it.Beware of fraudulent,illegal persons,cheaters,data thefters and etc...Equity Crowdfunding is not acceptable in some Countries,hence Un-acceptable Countries of Equity Fundraisers have no permissions on our website.